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The traditional volunteering sector is not equipped for the modern age. Established in 2016, Vollie is an online volunteering marketplace that connects modern-day professionals wanting to help change the world with charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises for skill-based virtual volunteering. In 2020, they rebuilt the platform to take volunteering to the masses.

  • User Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Personas
  • Co-design Workshop
  • Design Sprints
  • Communication Design
  • Campaign Management


Vollie was ready to launch the second iteration of their platform, Vollie 2.0, taking volunteering to a whole new level. Vollie wanted to get as much awareness about the new platform through unique and organic content that cuts-through and connects with their target audience.

Vollie specifically wanted to:

  • Raise awareness about the launch of the new platform targeted at 3 core audience segments
  • Increase the number of organisations and projects posted on the platform
  • Increase the number of volunteer applications
  • Increase the number of inbound enquiries from enterprise clients.



The first step of the process is to understand and empathise with the objectives Vollie has and with how their audience will benefit from the launch of the new platform. We worked with Vollie CEO, Matt Boyd, to understand the value Vollie 2.0 brings to the market. We dived into all of Vollie’s past content and identified what kind of content worked best for the objectives set.

User Research

Understanding Vollie’s audience was a significant part to crafting a campaign that speaks directly to the audience and encourages them to take action. We conducted an in-depth review of a year’s worth of analytics data and performed empathy exercises . We gained a deep understanding of Vollie’s target audience. We were able to identify what platforms and types of content work best with different segments of the audience. 

Experience Design

Getting brand-cut through and connecting with the target audience was of major importance for the Vollie 2.0 launch. With the critical insights from the research phase, we worked closely with Vollie CEO, Matt Boyd, to underpin the kind of experience we want the campaign to deliver to the audience. 

We combined UX, branding, marketing and visual design to create an experience that connected the audience to the brand. The outcome was an experience that is cheeky, bold, inspiring and world changing.

Design Sprints

A creative ideation workshop was held with the Vollie and Mindly Studio team. In this workshop we ran sprints around kep topics and themes to generate interesting content ideas.

Design sprints were performed every week of the 7 week campaign. Content from the previous week(s) would be analysed and those insights were taken to create better content the following week.


Across a 7-week period, communication tailored to Vollie’s brand and the audience went out across Vollie’s social channels. New records were created for Vollie’s performance during the campaign period - i.e. number of projects posted, number of volunteers sign ups, etc.


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