Helping women become financially independent

UX Design/Web Design & Development

It’s no secret that gender inequality persists in Australia, particularly in the financial sense. At retirement, the average superannuation payout for women is only 58% that of men! On top of that, women spend almost twice as many hours each day performing unpaid care work compared to men.

MoneyGirl is a social enterprise that provides financial literacy education for their 8000+ community of women across Australia. They approached Mindly to help simplify and scale their services to reach and impact the lives of more women online.

  • User Research
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Website & CMS Development
  • LMS Platform Integration
  • Team Training

Simplify and scale services to reach and impact the lives of more women online

We needed a deep understanding of the challenges women face to have the biggest impact with this project. We performed qualitative and quantitative research with MoneyGirl’s diverse audience to understand their decision making processes, biggest personal finance challenges and online education delivery preferences.

Through a series of one-on-one interviews, we learnt about the importance of designing a safe and inclusive environment for MoneyGirl’s diverse audience.

With a focus on creating a seamless, credible, inspiring and unique online experience, we combined all insights from previous activities to design prototypes for the online platforms.

The essence of MoneyGirl’s online experience is promoting a safe and welcoming space for all that identify themselves as women and showcasing tangible outcomes to build trust and credibility. We designed low-fidelity prototypes in an agile framework and made several iterations to arrive at a final high-fidelity design with high confidence.

The result is an engaging online experience where women form
a meaningful connection with MoneyGirl. The platform enables MoneyGirl to launch multiple courses, manage more participants and activate additional revenue streams with on-demand courses.

The website let’s users pre-enrol for courses so they don’t miss an opportunity. The new platform has helped MoneyGirl on their mission to empower more women with financial literacy.


This project helps make MoneyGirl’s financial literacy education more accessible to women across Australia.

By creating new service delivery methods for MoneyGirl, this project educates more women and creates a financially empowered community of women across Australia. A flow-on effect is a more equal society for women.

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