Plant-based treats delivered to your home


Brand identity/brand design/website


Conscious consumption and plant-based food are on the rise in Australia. Consumers are seeking healthier food to align with their values of vitality, animal welfare and climate change.

Mirables is a Melbourne-based start-up on a mission to deliver ethically sourced and made plant-based sweets and treats with no nasties.

  • User Research
  • Customer Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design & Development


Mirables has been working to democratise healthy planet-based sweets by bringing it to the masses in a really easy and convenient way. Mirables approached Mindly Studio to create an engaging brand experience. Coming into a new phase of their business journey, they wanted to find a way to validate their business model and attract the interest of a prospective audience through an engaging brand experience.



The first part of the process is to understand and empathise with the objectives Mirables has and with what the audience wants and needs. We held a strategic workshop with a few of Mirables key stakeholders to dive into challenges presented.

User Research

Understanding Mirables target audience is a crucial part to creating a platform that succeeds. We conducted user interviews with their target audience to identify key insights like needs, wants, behaviour and pain and gain points. The insights from user research became invaluable for the project.

Experience Design

After an analysis of user research insights, we developed deep understanding of the experience that is needed to engage and convert more of Mirables audience. This helped uncover the need for making the experience of Mirables unique, fun and down to Earth.

We created customer personas, journey maps and empathy maps to truly understand how to create value for customers with Mirables and defined how to deliver a remarkable brand experience.


In close collaboration with Mirables, we worked together on exploring colours, illustrations, tone, messaging and voice to best represent Mirables original personality that connects with their audience. 

A unique website experience was designed to engage Mirables users and to lead their users to take action and convert. We designed the website to be really interactive with scroll to activate interations and carefully placed movements across the site.

The website was built through Webflow, which aligned with the vision of creating a remarkable and engaging experience for website users. Webflow enabled us to develop a website with unique interactions (like an interactive cookie that rolls throughout the website).


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