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Connecting Australia's international students

UX Design/Web Design

Meld Magazine is an independent not-for-profit media outlet supporting Australia’s diverse international student community. The volunteer-run team is made of both local and international students creating and publishing content to shed light on issues affecting international students and give them a voice to feel at home in Australia.

  • Market & Technology Research
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • User Experience Design
  • On-site SEO
  • Custom Development
  • Team Training

Design a reliable, engaging and accessible news platform for Meld’s diverse audience and team

Meld Magazine’s website was outdated and the platform didn't provide a good enough experience for their audience today. Meld’s audience was not engaged with the site and Meld struggled to effectively reach and add value to their audience. The team struggled to post content reliably, a major pain point for the volunteer-run team.

Meld engaged Mindly to do a complete overhaul of the website. We conducted a thorough user experience process to ensure the final website creates a meaningful, engaging and valuable experience for international students, whilst providing a stable and confidence-inspiring platform that Meld can use for many years to come.

User research and testing were conducted to identify, structure and present content that matters most for the audience. The Content Management System was improved to give the volunteer-run team reliability and confidence in publishing content. Documentation and a series of informative training videos were provided so that new team members can easily learn how to share consistent content.


International students face a lot of challenges coming to Australia, particularly with trying to adopt a new culture, language and fit in. Meld Magazine provides content, support and a place where international students can feel part of a community.

By designing an accessible and engaging news platform, we helped Meld Magazine improve the engagement they have with their audience, share highly relevant content effectively and positively impact the lives of international students in Australia.

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