Designing a more sustainable lifestyle

UI Design/Mobile App Design

Habi founders believe that now is the last moment for people to take a real action to prevent further development of global warming and environment degradation. They came up with a solution to decrease human impact on the planet, by reducing people's level of consumption and waste associated with it. Habi approached Mindly Studio with an idea for a mobile app, that would help people reduce their everyday waste.

  • User Research
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Sketches & Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • User testing

Design an emotional experience that empowers people to take daily sustainable actions

Designing mobile app that will educate, mobilise and engage people emotionally into taking everyday actions towards improving world’s environmental situation. In the app people will be able to find information about what can they do to contribute and stay motivated. The app will need to contain elements of gamification to create lasting engagement.

Decreasing waste and pollution worldwide will be achieved when people contribute into improving Earth’s environmental situation by reducing their consumption. In-app guides help users gain knowledge about sustainability and environment. By entering their activity, users are able to keep track of their impact and stay motivated to decrease it thanks to goal setting and challenges. Gamification elements within the app help create habits and inspire to take action.

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