Reinventing the way people share dietary requirements

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Whether it’s due to allergies, moral preferences or religious reasons, living with dietary requirements can be difficult, even making eating out of home nearly impossible. On the other hand, hospitality organisations risk allergic reactions, wastage of food and poor service experience when they cannot effectively cater for dietary requirements.

FreeFrom approached Mindly with a concept to help people easily share and manage their dietary requirements with hospitality organisations.

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Design a digital tool that makes it easy for people to share dietary requirements

We completed a human-centred design process that encompassed an end-to-end journey with many different types of touchpoints and requirements.

We kicked off by running workshops with internal stakeholders. This allowed the team to map out and better understand the service delivery, the audiences and their assumptions of the service.

With so many unknowns around the problems people have with dietary requirements and the problems hospitality organisations have managing dietary requirements, we analysed what sharing dietary requirements looks like right now. We performed user research to gain insights into classifying a wide variety of dietary requirements and identifying ways to share dietary requirements with hospitality workers easily.

With all insights collected from user research, we began constructing intuitive and easy-to-use systems that help people manage and share dietary requirements for themselves and dependents with hospitality organisations. We designed systems to make accessing dietary requirements easy for a wide-variety of hospitality organisations and their busy environments.

Minimising the amount of time it takes for people to input their dietary requirements was key to designing a great user experience. Simplifying the experience and sharing top-level information in an easily digestible way was essential to deliver an effective solution for hospitality organisations that work in a fast-paced environment. We designed low-fidelity prototypes in an agile framework, which enabled us to swiftly make improvements and arrive at a final high-fidelity design with high confidence.

The result is an inclusive digital tool that supports people with dietary requirements and hospitality organisations. We created a comprehensive web app that enables people to confidently share and manage their dietary requirements with hospitality organisations, who also benefit from improved service experience and waste management.


This project helps people with dietary requirements feel confident and comfortable eating out who otherwise feel anxious and tense. It also helps hospitality organisations improve their service experience, eliminate the risk of allergic reactions and minimise food wastage.

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