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UX Design/mobile app design


Flux Finance’s mission is to make the topic of money fun and accessible for young Australians. They have an audience of over 100,000 people with their #1 business news podcast “What the Flux”, Credit Score tool, entertaining money content and the Flux App.

The Flux App is aimed to help young people understand money and make great financial decisions in an easy and entertaining way. Mindly Studio worked with Flux to develop a new segment of the Flux app.

  • Discovery & Research
  • User Flows
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Animation


Remember when you committed to saving for a house but gave up as soon as your friends asked you to go out? Saving money is hard, especially for young Australian’s. It requires long-term commitment, a struggle for young people. Flux came up with an idea to fix this; a win-win lottery where users are rewarded for saving money.

We worked with the Flux to come up with an effective solution to saving money - by making it easy and fun. We helped Flux create a weekly game where users can win money by saving money.



The first part of our process is to understand and empathise with the audience and app users. We got together with the Flux team to understand who we’re making this solution for and empathise with their needs, behaviour, goals and pain points.


In the sketching stage, we competed for the best ideas. We started to work out the architecture of the game and its functions. At this stage, we prototyped ideas behind the functionality of the game and how to integrate it with the users’ behaviour.. 

User Flows & Journey

We create user flows to justify people’s choices and decisions. We look at different approaches for creating an engaging experience. Mapping out user flows lets us define the best approaches for onboarding and registration minimising the amount of users that drop off.

With user flows, we made the complex sign-up process easy and intuitive. We mapped out the journey users need to take to complete the desired task.

Wireframes & Prototypes

The prototyping stage is all about making it great before committing to development. The biggest obstacle at this stage was to show users how to take part in the game and what steps are needed to win money. The game needed to be consistent with the rest of the app to provide a uniform experience. 

During the discovery stage, it was identified that users feel concerned about the security of connecting their bank account. In the prototyping phase, we considered different options to reassure them of their safety when connecting their bank account.

Testing & Iteration

We conducted two phases of user testing and iterations.

During the first phase, we identified that users weren’t following the instructions of the onboarding screens and then struggled to navigate through the app to achieve their goals. The design was iterated to solve this issue.

During the second stage, we came across a number of difficulties associated with engagement and the general flow of the app. Users were dropping off at the first step and not following through with the game. The design was iterated to solve this issue.


The final solution is a weekly game called Win the Week. Users take part in the weekly game to win $250,000 by saving at least $25 and cracking a 7-digit code. Each week, 3 users are rewarded with a $100 prize for taking part in the game.

The purpose of the game is to make saving money a fun and rewarding experience for young Australian’s. By playing the game consistently, users turn saving money into a long-term habit.

You can learn more about Win the Week and the final solution by visiting or by downloading the free app in the app store.


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