Ride-sharing for busy kids and parents


Being a working parent is tough. Getting kids to and from school while working full time and doing a million other things can take a toll on parents. Organising ride-sharing with other parents using spreadsheets, calendars, diaries and sheer brain power is just too much!

Carzac, a California-based ride-share platform, approached Mindly with an idea to help busy parents simplify the way they find, schedule and manage their kids' rides to and from school.

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Design a concept to simplify the way parents find, schedule and manage their kids’ ride-sharing

A variety of research activities helped us understand the challenges parents and kids face as well as supporting organisations like schools. We gained insights that we can address in the design, like the fear parents face around their children’s safety and trusting other parents with their children.

We looked at the user goals and how Carzac might be able to solve them. Creating a journey map helped us understand users’ sentiment along their journey with the app. We identified how we can reduce the number of steps users need to take and improve each touchpoint to create a seamless experience.

We mapped out all possible flows and scenarios that parents can take based on their goals. There were a lot of considerations like how will parents create and manage rides for their kids? How will parents accept and manage rides that they’re responsible for? How will parents get notified of the status of their kids’ ride? And how will schools approve parents to assure safety?

A major design challenge was integrating this new segment into Carzac’s existing ride-sharing app. We identified common features and designed a new architecture that would be familiar for existing Carzac users and intuitive for parents accessing the platform for the first time.

We translated all insights collected from the previous stages into interactive low-fidelity app prototypes that demonstrated simplicity, intuitiveness and effectiveness.

The result is an intuitive concept that supports busy parents. We created a low-fidelity prototype for Carzac’s mobile app that encourages parents to find other parents taking similar routes, feel assured of their kids safety and alleviate the struggle of managing their kids' busy transportation needs. 


Helping parents save time and reduce complexity in their busy lives is empowering. This project reduces parents’ stress and anxiety when organising their kids transportation needs. It also takes cars off roads, reducing congestion, emissions and car-related hazards, particularly around school zones. This concept is helping Carzac simplify the way parents find, schedule and manage their kid’s ride-share needs.

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