We’re Mindly Studio (a.k.a Natalia and Daniel)

We’re a small and adaptable team. When you work with us you get a truly dedicated extension of your team


We're an Ethical Studio

Offsetting all carbon emissions

We’ve partnered up with Greenfleet in reducing our carbon footprint by offsetting emissions. We also actively find ways to minimise emissions in our operation.

Digital Office

We work from home to minimise our carbon footprint. We meet with clients at our shared office space in Cremorne, close to public transport.

Reducing Waste

We’re a digital office and use sustainable materials. We compost our waste with our worm farm. We seek products that have the longest lifespan.

Future B-Corp

We’ve planned to become a B-Corp since the beginning. We’re in the process of becoming a B-Corp and look forward to becoming certified.

Our Clients

Who we work with

  • Plant-based food brands
  • Ethical consumer brands
  • B-Corporations

We believe that reducing the negative impact of agriculture can help us progress to sustainability. And because we love food

Sustainability in everyday products is a massive step towards climate action. We know this space really well

B-Corps use business as a force for good. We’re in our B-Corp application process and love collaborating with like-minded businesses


Natalia Szczypek

Natalia uses research and design to solve human interaction problems. She is exploring the intersection between design and sustainability. Natalia designs valuable user experiences whilst ensuring that the end-product doesn’t produce negative social and environmental impact.

Daniel Bulut

Daniel inspires action through strategy and communication. He recognises the importance of customer experience in business success. Daniel aspires for ethical products and services to be conventional, rather than alternatives.