A sustainable world for future generations

We use design and strategy to empower businesses progressing towards a sustainable world


Mindly Studio’s mission is to accelerate the world to sustainability through meaningful digital experiences

We believe that the world should be a better place for future generations. Life is beautiful and it’s under threat due to unsustainable activity from humans. Future generations deserve to experience the world as we have. Preserving it is our number one priority. We use our business, voice and skills to do something about it.


We’re here to do some good

Climate Change

We’re the first generation to experience climate change and the last to do something about it. Climate change isn’t something we can solve alone. It’ll need to take place on a global scale. We collaborate with planet-friendly businesses that share the goal of a more sustainable world for future generations. Progress can only be achieved by combining our efforts.


We strive for an equal world for everyone. We think that it’s important to pay particular attention to underrepresented communities to feel equal with others. Everyone deserves to be treated the same regardless of gender, sexual orientation, beliefs or skin colour. We take input from a diverse range of people through our design and strategy. We ensure our work is accessible for everyone.


The world needs healthier communities, clean air, natural resources and a nontoxic environment. We can only achieve this with long-term sustainability. We’re actively finding ways to pursue a circular economy. We utilise ethical and sustainable products and suppliers, from energy to coffee beans. We work with planet-friendly businesses that are making progress towards sustainability.

Animal Welfare

We’re animal lovers and believe that improving the lives of animals is important to progress towards sustainability. Animal agriculture has a massive impact on land degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. There’s a direct connection between climate change and animal extinction. We’re improving the lives of animals by working closely with plant-based food brands.

Our StOry

Why we exist

Mindly Studio was founded in response to the 2019/20 Australian bushfire season. Events like the fires will continue to become more frequent with climate change. We want to accelerate the world to sustainability and reverse climate change. We believe that we can achieve this mission by collaborating with others and using business as a force for good.