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The traditional volunteering sector is not equipped for the modern age. Established in 2016, Vollie is an online volunteering marketplace that connects modern-day professionals wanting to help change the world with charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises for skill-based volunteering. In 2020, they rebuilt the platform to take volunteering to the masses.


Develop a campaign and support the launch of the new platform

Develop a campaign and support the launch of the new platform, Vollie 2.0, in Australia that is targeted at 3 core audience segments. Through organic communication to increase the number of organisations and projects posted on the platform, increase the number of volunteer applications and increase the number of inbound enquiries from enterprise clients.

Activities Performed

  • User research
  • Secondary research
  • Ideation workshop
  • Data Analysis
  • Design sprints
  • Graphic design
  • Campaign management


A strong understanding of Vollie’s audience through in-depth research and data analysis, delivering key insights to drive communication strategy and content. Strategy was based around achieving Vollie’s key objectives with this launch. The ideation workshop with CEO, Matt Boyd, led to great collaboration and aligning visions for the Vollie 2.0 campaign. Across a 7-week period, communication tailored to Vollie’s brand and audience went out across Vollie’s owned channels.


Vollie’s platform is free for Australian charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises. The platform allows these organisations to receive millions of dollars in volunteer value to help change the world. The platform enables more people to volunteer and help organisations in need of their skills and talents remotely.

Key Results