Plant-based treats delivered to your home


Delicious plant-based sweets and treats that are delivered to homes is hard to find. That’s what Mirables aimed to solve in Melbourne, Australia. Mirables is a start-up plant-based food business delivering ethically sourced and made, plant-based foods with no nasties to Melbournians.


Develop a business strategy and brand

Develop a business strategy and brand that identifies and encapsulates Mirables’ ideal audience and their values and the products and services to offer to them. Develop a method of testing the business viability prior to scaling the business model.

Activities Performed

  • Market Research
  • User Research
  • Lean UX Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Communication Design
  • Website Design


A playful Brand Identity that represents Mirables personality and their key audience segments. It encapsulates that their plant-based treats are delicious and fun. A communication tone that is light-hearted and witty. A lean UX strategy that will determine viability and scaling Mirables in the future.

A landing page as an initial lead generation page prior to scaling the business. It’s a fun, user-focused and interactive page that gives Mirables' audience a great understanding of what is to come.

View the live site here


Eating a plant-based diet is one of the single biggest ways to reduce environmental impact on Earth. Encouraging more people to eat a predominately plant-based diet frees up wild land lost to agriculture, a huge cause of wildlife extinction and greenhouse gas accumulation. Mirables is tackling the climate crisis by making plant-based treats delicious and fun.

Key Results