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Flux Finance’s mission is to make the topic of money fun and accessible for young Australians. They have an audience of over 200,000 people with their #1 business news podcast “What the Flux”, Credit Score tool, entertaining money content and the Flux App.

Flux wants to help young people understand money and make great financial decisions in an easy and entertaining way. Mindly worked with Flux to create a unique, highly engaging and interactive website to help improve the financial wellbeing of young Australians.


Create a unique, highly engaging and interactive website to inspire young Australians

Flux had a website that was not effectively connecting to their audience. The website is an entry point for a lot of their users into their app. The website wasn’t driving enough users to sign up to the app. Flux’s young audience needed a unique experience that captures their attention, engages them and inspires them to take action.

In addition to the challenges being faced from the user side, Flux needed a platform where they can publish educational blog content and incorporate affiliated offers into the website to serve as an additional revenue stream.

Engagement-driven design

From the UI layout to the animations and interactions, every part of this site was designed to engage young audience. The experience was designed to represent the emotions users typically feel when interacting with the app - whether it be winning money by saving money or checking your credit score.

Interactive Elements

To further drive engagement an interactive user experience was created to surprise and delight users. A parallax effect with money was created over the Call To Action button to give users a preview into the fun and engaging experience they can expect when interacting with the app.

Not your average blog

A large portion of Flux’s business model is content and something aspecial was needed to create an engaging blog experience. The Learn page features an easy-to-use sorting system and search bar so that users can find exactly what interests them. Mindly developed an easy-to-use CMS for the team to efficiently post new content.

Find the right offer

A unique Affiliated Offers platform was developed within the website that matches users with the right offers via an easy to use sort and filter system. Each offer contains a brief summary, with the option for users to click and expand to find all the details of the offer to make an informed decision.

Development sprints

Portions of the website were designed and developed one at a time. Mindly accommodated Flux's need for a new website within a tight deadline. A MVP and agile approach was incorporated, which focused on designing, developing and launching new sections of the website in sprints in order of priority and importance.


Flux’s mission is to make the topic of money accessible and fun for young Australians. By making the website fun and engaging, Flux has been able to better serve their audience. The website boasts some impressive performance with major improvements in time spent on the website and users that sign up to the Flux app through the website. The new website has also created a new revenue stream and ways to share content.

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