Welcome to the team Lily

Lily is a rescued ex-racing Greyhound. We’re so grateful to have her on the team. Let’s all work together to help end Greyhound racing.

Daniel Bulut

November 2, 2020

Welcome Lily - Head of Puplick Relations

Introducing Lily, the newest and sweetest member of the Mindly Studio family. We’re so lucky and grateful to have this wonderful Puplick Relations expert on the team.

Lily is an ex-racing Greyhound rescued through the amazing people at Gumtree Greys. She spent her first few weeks adjusting to her new life in Melbourne after living away from civilisation in the racing industry.

Lily’s Special Talents

It took Lily a few weeks to adjust to her new life. Cars, trucks and trams made Lily very anxious. She’s now getting very used to her new life and she’s shown us some of her special talents:

  1. Lily can sleep upwards of 20 hours of the day - a very talented couch potato
  2. Lily can lick the inside of an empty peanut butter jar. Her extra-long tongue helps to reach those tough to reach corners.
  3. Lily can communicate and have conversations with the team using her squeaky toys.
  4. Lily can flip, twist and turn her ears in every direction - especially funny when she has one ear listening behind and one forward.

Lily is a very intelligent girl and learns new tricks within a few minutes using her favourite treats. She’s very gentle and has a soft spot for ear scratches and belly rubs. It’s hard to imagine that Lily was anything other than the best pet in the world. It’s hard to fathom that she was used to make money in an awful industry.

Greyhound racing

Every year, thousands of Greyhounds are killed because they lack winning potential, were injured while racing or are no longer competitive. Racing Greyhounds routinely experience terrible injuries on the track such as broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and broken necks. They suffer off the track as well spending their lives in kennels for 20 or more hours a day or outdoors in dirt pens with minimal shelter.

Australia is one of the few countries where Greyhound racing is still legal and the industry here is by far the biggest. State governments provide millions of dollars to the greyhound racing industry — actively encouraging growth and participation

Across Australia, greyhounds continue to die on racing tracks and be put down when they no longer turn a profit. They are drugged and their treatable injuries are turned into death sentences.

Stop Greyhound racing

One of the most baffling decisions to come out of Melbourne’s move into stage 4 lockdown during COVID-19, was the discovery that horse and greyhound racing would continue in the state.

Not only is it unnecessary to continue greyhound racing during a lockdown — we have to wonder if this is the perfect time to shut down the barbaric industry for good.

When adopting Lily, we were told that there are approximately 70 applications per rescued Greyhound. The shift to working from home has meant that more people have the time and ability to bring a new loving Greyhound into their family. Now is the perfect time to work towards shutting down the greyhound industry.

COVID-19 has exposed many cracks in our systems and provided an opportunity to forge a different path. The Victorian government could take this opportunity to lead the way and end greyhound racing once and for all, instead of propping it up.

More and more people recognise the cruelty of animal racing. These beautiful, intelligent and sensitive pets deserve much better. Greyhounds are nothing other than the perfect pets, especially not racers.

What can you do?

Never bet on Greyhound racing. The Australian Greyhound industry sadly puts profits above the wellbeing of the animals in their industry. Betting keeps the industry profitable.

Consider adopting or fostering a Greyhound. Contrary to general perception, Greyhounds make great additions to the family. They love human company and have a low requirement for exercise. They’re great for apartments, sleeping upwards of 18 hours a day.

Take action on greyhound racing and tell your MP to ban greyhound racing nation-wide


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