Swimming is great for mental health

Being out in the pool is great. Whether you’re new to swimming or pro – the mental and physical benefits of swimming await you.

Daniel Bulut

March 10, 2020

Swimming is great for Mental Health | Laps for Life March 2020

In March 2020, ReachOut Australia ran their annual Laps for Life Challenge. Laps for Life is a great cause that builds awareness for Mental Health in Australia. Donations going to the cause support young people going through everyday issues to tough times. Laps for Life challenged Aussies to get in the pool and swim to save lives.

ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation. They help young people and parents going through times of trouble. ReachOut provides free practical support, tools and tips. They were the world’s first online mental health service and today help 132,000 Aussies access their services every month.

Why Swimming? Water can act as a great stress relief. Water on its own can bring peace and calm. Whilst swimming, endorphins (chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain) are released, a great cure for anxiety, stress and depression. The rhythmic repetition of strokes whilst swimming can act as a meditation, helping the brain release stress, be mindful and concentrate better.

Mindly Studio’s Daniel was out at his local YMCA pool in March. Daniel set himself a challenge to swim 20km and raise awareness for Laps for Life.

“Being out in the pool is great,” says Daniel. “I used to be a competitive swimmer as a teen and forgot how relaxing it can be to go for a cruisy swim. After each session at the pools, I feel awesome and look forward to jumping back in.”

Unfortunately, the situation of the pandemic in Australia meant that unessential businesses had to temporarily close. Swimming pools closed their doors towards the end of March.

Whether you’re new to swimming or pro – the mental and physical benefits of swimming await you. Once it is safe to do so, head down to your local pool for a swim.

If you know a young person that is struggling with issues, bullying or a mental health problem, encourage them to check out ReachOut.