Participation in Clean Up Australia Day

Spending the day walking and picking up rubbish with like-minded people in the community was sensational.

Daniel Bulut

March 10, 2020

Participation in Clean Up Day Australia

On the 1st of March 2020, the Mindly Studio team participated in the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

Clean Up Australia is a great cause, they inspire and empower communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. The initiative started 30 years ago, and today, Clean Up Australia boasts some amazing results over the years, including:

  • 7 million + Australians have participated
  • 35 million + hours of volunteer time have been donated
  • 365,000 + ute loads of rubbish have been removed

“We were shocked to see how much rubbish there actually was everywhere,” says Daniel. “The scale of rubbish was eye-opening, plastic bags, straws, polystyrene and many other items. Most of the litter takes many years to degrade. Concerningly, all this rubbish was right next to a creek that leads to our ocean, just metres away. Personally, the experience of picking up rubbish in this area was rewarding. We were stopping rubbish pollute our waterways and harm our ecosystems.”

The day out was a great team occasion. “It was nice to spend time with some amazing people and do some great teamwork,” says Natalia. Daniel and Natalia joined forces with the local community in Mordialloc and together, a dozen or so bags of rubbish were collected. “Spending the day outside, walking, picking up rubbish and meeting like-minded people in the community, all volunteering for a good cause was sensational.”

“The clean-up day has really made me more mindful about rubbish and waste,” says Daniel. “As I walk with my dog through my neighbourhood, I notice rubbish everywhere, and it’s not great. Prior to the clean-up, I wouldn’t even notice, but now it’s like I’m seeing the world with a different set of eyes, more environmentally aware eyes. I’ve started taking a bag with me as I go for walks and pick up any rubbish I can.”

The Mindly Studio team is committed to setting up a Clean Up Event in the near future and participating in more cause-related events.

If you’d like to donate, participate or set up your own Clean Up event, check out Clean Up Australia for more information.