Hey, we’re Mindly. We’re driven by our values and we work with responsible brands to solve problems and create life changing experiences.

Guided by our values

Be ethical.

Embrace new thinking.

Create value.

We make it our responsibility to keep the highest standards of transparency, honesty, justice and respect for people and the planet. It’s a basis for how we operate and treat everyone.

We embrace new thinking because the same thinking that causes problems won’t solve them. We abandon the “usual way” of doing things and make no room for assumptions.

We genuinely care about creating value for our clients, partners and society. We are resourceful, aim to achieve excellence and always strive to exceed our own high standards.

Why we’re here

Mindly was born out of an idea to create a business for good. We’re passionate about design and motivated to help make this world a a more fair, compassionate and sustainable place. We come from culturally diverse backgrounds and take this understanding of people into all our work. We’re here to make real change to our client’s business, society and the world.


We are a nimble team of curious explorers, strategic thinkers and creative doers.

Daniel Bulut

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Natalia Szczypek

Co-Founder, Design Director


Puplick Relations Officer, Office Napper

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